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We are the #1 Emotional Support Animal resource providers. Calling in your family doctor or researching the right therapist and traveling to their office for an appointment can take a long time – a time that most of us don’t have to spare. At My Support Pet – we understand that. This is why we help you connect with a licensed therapist or healthcare professional to get an emotional support animal letter.
My Support Pet provides easy and direct online access to mental health professionals or therapists for individuals living with an emotional or psychological disability.
You can qualify for an emotional support cat or emotional support dog only if you suffer from an emotional or mental disability. To check if you are eligible, our licensed mental health professionals or therapists are here to assist you. Fill out the assessment form, and you will get an emotional support animal letter within 24 hours or less if you qualify.


Save $100s in Unfair Pet Deposits

Housing providers cannot charge a “pet deposit” or “pet fee” for emotional support animal owners.

No More Unfair Airline Fees

With a valid ESA letter, you can travel on public transport and commercial airlines without paying additional fees for your Emotional Support Animal.

Avoid Breed and Size Restrictions

Emotional Support Animals are not limited to general assumptions about certain species or breeds.

Why Choose Us

My Support Pet helps people get the proper documentation to make their pet an official Emotional Support Animal


Our support team is available round the clock to answer any questions you have. Click the Chat button to talk to a support agent now.


The documentation provided by My Support Pet is 100% compliant with local, state and federal laws.


You can take a quick and free screening test to know if you could qualify for an emotional support animal.

Meet Our Happy ESA Owners

Robert is a NYC native from the Upper East Side.
Robert is a NYC native from the Upper East Side.
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I was super hesitant about getting an ESA because I had no idea where to go for a legitimate letter. I did a ton of research and everywhere I went it seemed nothing was trustworthy, and I needed a letter for my landlord. I then found My Support Pet. I was still hesitant so I reached out to a couple people at MSP and got reassured right away. I finally felt relieved that I could actually get my ESA after years of contemplating it and struggling with stress and anxiety.
Isabella – North Carolina
Isabella – North Carolina
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It was a good experience overall. I went ahead with it as an experiment and got my pet cats certified for both my housing and travel needs. The process was quite easy and simple and I got my certification letter on time. I was expecting a call from the therapist, there was some confusion but later the friendly customer services staff told me that the Therapist only needs to call the patients and customers if there is anything out of the ordinary. I would recommend My Support Pet to all other pet owners who are paying excessive additional fees in rent or travel frequently with their pets.
Sarah Jane – Florida
Sarah Jane – Florida
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MSP is a very convenient and highly recommended service for all pet owners and also for those who are suffering from mental illnesses. I didn’t want to lose the company of my pet dog when I moved into my new apartment because it had no pet policy restrictions but after doing much research online I finally found a way around it. I’m happy with the service as well as their turnaround time. Would definitely recommend!

How can I get an Emotional Support Animal Letter for Housing?

My Support Pet helps you connect with a licensed therapist to get an emotional support animal Housing letter. The process is swift, simple, and confidential.

Step 1
Free Assessment
Free online pre-screening to see if you qualify, complete a simple questionnaire.
Step 2
Select Required Letter
Select the letter type you need. Housing Letter, Travel Letter, or Housing & Travel Letter.
Step 3
Application Review
Get connected with our Licensed Therapist who will review your application.
Step 4
Get Legal ESA Letter
Get your ESA letter delivered within 48 hours with our expedited options!
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