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About Us

We are the #1 Emotional Support Animal resource providers. Calling in your family doctor or researching the right therapist and traveling to their office for an appointment can take a long time – a time that most of us don’t have to spare. At My Support Pet – we understand that. This is why we help you connect with a licensed therapist or healthcare professional to get an emotional support animal letter.


What Our Customers Say

The process was very time-consuming but thorough, my therapist did a great job in assisting me with my case and explaining the details. I decided on My Support Pet because of the assessment questions that were asked. They didn’t just ask a few questions and leave you out dry. The feedback and turnaround time was great.
Victoria Hunt
A Proud Member of MSP Family
Amazing and thorough service and all my questions were answered. The therapist I spoke to through the process was very understanding. I believe My Support Pet understands the needs and urgency of patients seeking emotional support animal.
Debra Barnett
Verified Customer and Proud Pet Parent
A very cost-effective solution. My anxiety made everyday routine things nearly impossible. Flying made me fearful and stressed to the point that it started becoming a problem in my professional life. I was able to get a consultation from a therapist. Thanks to My Support Pet, and now I can bring my dog, Max, with me. All Airlines have been very understanding. Now I look forward to traveling rather than worrying about it.
Mark Taylor
Verified Customer & Proud ESA Member
Happy OWNERS, Happy PETS

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